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Come take a look at my online treatment materials!

I help children from 4;5 years old with language difficulties, such as vocabulary, sentence structure, language comprehension, reading comprehension and spelling. Because child-friendly and language enjoyment are central to my treatments, finding the right treatment materials is essential. Read in this blog how I make sure my clients learn with joy!


I practice using memory games, online games like sea battle, puzzles and coloring and talking sheets by theme. The games are in TinyEYE and the talking plates I make visual for the client by sharing my screen. I also use educational movies, from school TV for example. Finally, with reading comprehension you also train the vocabulary!

Sentence structure

I practice using logical sequences, online games, and talking plates. Watching educational videos and discussing them together afterwards. There is the comprehensive website for preschoolers, Ictronse, for example, make a sentence with a picture: "the house didn't have a chimney, but now it does." With Dribbel you can practice sentences with the game, for example: "see if it fits."

Reading comprehension

I practice reading comprehension by sharing my screen with the client and then reading the text together and answering the questions. I use the texts from Juf Milou, Citotrainer, Junior Einstein and Leestrainer. The questions and answers are also included so it is very accessible for the client to do at home as well!


I use the online games in Tinyeye, for example letters flash and memory, and talking pictures. For example: a talking plate in the theme Zoo. What animals do you see and how do you spell them? How do you spell the plural? For children who have dyslexia or find spelling very difficult, there is the following website:

Language comprehension

My favorite game is Color book in Tinyeye. I give the child instructions and the child follows them, for example: Color the bow blue, color the face red and then color the feet black. Young children usually love to color! And of course, they get to send in their beautiful drawing after the treatment.

For older children who have difficulty with language there is the website

Educational games and worksheets can be found at

On there are exercises for language and articulation, such as the Letter Train which contains fun drawings, puzzles and other games for each letter.

Furthermore.... I have a subscription to Bereslim: "The provider of digital picture books and educational games that contribute to language development, vocabulary, reading skills & learning behavior of toddlers & preschoolers." Parents will receive their own login credentials from me that will also allow them to access Bereslim on their phones, tablets and laptops at home!

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