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Great tips for when a child can't pronounce certain letters!

Not one day is the same for me and that is why I like to give you a glimpse into my life how I help children with different problems. It gives me a satisfaction to help them learn words and phrases. For example, I have been busy practicing vocabulary, reading comprehension and sentence structure, but especially articulation.

For example, how can you best teach the SCH, from in "schaar", to a girl who keeps turning the G into a K? I looked up two pictures of a snake and a lion. The snake makes the SSS sound and the lion the GGGGRRAAW sound. For each SCH word, we put the pictures next to it to make it as visual as possible. And guess what? This suddenly made it go a lot better!

And what is the best way to teach a six-year-old girl the K? She always made an S out of the K. We practiced making slides with the hand with the K-words. And then how fun it is to hear a single K word like "kip" correctly.

In addition, before the Christmas vacations, I helped a six-year-old boy with the pronunciation of the letter F. We practiced blowing out a fictitious candle very carefully, blowing up a fictitious balloon, pulling the upper lip over the lower lip, feeling the air come out of the mouth at the F... no result. But after the vacations he could suddenly pronounce the F- words well and even phrases. A lot of practice at home had paid off.

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