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Online speech therapy

I am regularly asked what online speech therapy is and if it is the same as speech therapy. Two birds with one stone: both are the same, but online!

However, online speech therapy has many advantages over speech therapy, such as:

1. You can work from a familiar environment.

2. It is easier to combine with your busy daily life because you only need a laptop and WIFI!

3. I like to give the parents the opportunity to determine the treatment frequency themselves. In this way the goals are reached faster than if you get speech therapy once a week.

4. I work through interactive games and exercises for different ages and levels. Child-friendly and language enjoyment are central to my treatments.

5. Are you on vacation and still want to practice, no problem! TinyEYE online speech therapy can also be used on a tablet.

6. In addition, I continue to work during the vacations and also in the evenings. I guarantee high flexibility.

7. Finally, because I have contracts with all Dutch health insurers, online speech therapy for children is fully reimbursed. Ideal right!

And so on ...

But where do I get my online treatment materials?

Within TinyEYE there are several games and exercises that I use. I also work with worksheets for reading comprehension, vocabulary and sentence structure. If you search carefully, there is a lot of material online. So I am constantly updating my materials to make online speech therapy as fun as possible. I give parents tips on where to find the teaching materials or I mail them the attachments so they can continue practicing at home.

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