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Speech therapy after a Covid-19 infection

If you have experienced a Corona infection, you may have difficulty speaking, breathing, swallowing or communicating. Speech therapy can help you with this!

  • Breathing: I can help with breathing by teaching you to relax with deep abdominal breathing while maintaining proper diaphragm movement.

  • If you have been in the ICU you have probably been ventilated with a tube, this tube can damage the vocal cords making the voice less powerful. The voice can also be less powerful due to reduced general fitness. Through exercises, the voice can be improved.

  • Swallowing: You may experience problems with swallowing such as coughing during or after swallowing or food getting stuck in the throat. I can help you with swallowing advice such as finding the right position during eating/drinking or adjusting nutrition to make eating and drinking easier.

  • Communication: When you feel yourself getting tired during communication. Or if you experience word finding problems, I can train this with you. In this way I can make communication as optimal as possible for you and your environment.

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