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Voice problems due to stress?

People who experience stress at work or in their personal lives experience mental and physical symptoms over time. One of those complaints may be voice problems.

"Air from our lungs is sent past our vocal cords. This controls the diaphragm muscle and this creates voice. Muscles push those vocal cords open and close, always in an undulating motion."

When your breathing is high, this diaphragm muscle is not used enough and the muscles in the larynx have to work extra hard. This creates an imbalance and makes the voice sound pinched, hoarse and/or hoarse. And because stress almost always tightens the muscles, this can also cause voice problems. Eventually this leads to a tired voice. You have to make more and more effort to be understood by others. This only increases the tension in the muscles.

The voice is the mirror of your personality and emotions. Problems with the voice can therefore damage self-confidence. Are you uncertain about your voice at work and/ or in daily life? Do you want to reach a large group when giving presentations and are you unable to do so? Speech therapy offers the solution. I teach you deep and relaxed abdominal breathing, an open posture and a clear voice that can reach a group of people. I give you back your self-confidence!

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