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What is speech therapy and for who?

The field of work of a speech therapist is broad. Often it is not clear to everyone what speech therapy is, and what exactly a speech therapist does.

I would be happy to explain it to you! A speech therapist treats communication problems. That is a broad term. What do I mean by that? Communication problems include voice, speech, language, hearing and swallowing problems. Speech therapy is a form of health care, in this case specialized health care focused on everything under the heading of communication problems.

Speech therapy is also called paramedical care. The word speech therapy is originally Greek and can be translated freely into 'educating the spoken word'. Not surprisingly, a speech therapist used to be called a speech teacher. By the way, the English word for speech therapist is speech therapist.

In most cases speech therapy treatments are covered by the basic health insurance.

Who is speech therapy suitable for?

A speech therapist helps people of all ages. From young children who have difficulty with their language and speech development, to an older person who, for example, has difficulty speaking after a brain haemorrhage. Not only does a speech therapist treat patients with an existing problem, a speech therapist can also be used preventively. For example, is there an incipient problem at school?

problem at school? Then a speech therapist can prevent the child from suffering from it later in life by starting speech therapy treatments in time.

When do you need help from a speech therapist?

Do you suffer from a voice, speech, language, hearing or swallowing problem? Or do you suspect that your child is lagging behind in language and speech development? Then it is wise to contact an online speech therapist.

A speech therapist can advise you without obligation whether you need help. During an intake the speech therapist will map out the problem. After that the speech therapist will make a treatment plan and you can start working on your problem.

Would you like more information about online speech therapy treatments?

Make a FREE appointment with me.

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